Chelsea Oduniyi

Riddle Count: 3
Riddle: I won't blink unless you do, I won't talk unless you do, I won't move unless you do, I won't smile unless you do. Now tell me, dear imitater, what am I to you?
Answer: Your reflection.
Imitate Riddle Meme.
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Riddle: A man is found dead in a room. The only thing in the room is a puddle of water. The man hangs by a noose on the ceiling. How did he die?
Answer: The man was standing on a big block of ice. While standing there, he tied himself to the ceiling. As the ice melted slowly, the man's feet started to sink to the floor while his neck was still tied to the ceiling. So when the ice finally melted, the man strangled himself and died. In the end, there was a dead body and a pool of water.
Confusing Suicide Riddle Meme.
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Riddle: There is a very popular restaurant in the city, called Da Good Burger. It's slogan is strangely called "Served 49 times'. A girl named Sarah coincidentally is the forty-ninth customer in that particular restaurant. When Sarah finally gets her burger, the cashier tells the people behind her that they should go back to their seats so they can make the burgers again. Like any agitated and hungry customer, the rest of them complain, but trundle back to their seats. When the burgers are ready again, Sarah is--you guessed it--the forty-ninth person in line, and she is still always the last person to get her burger while the others behind her get mad. How does she do it?
Answer: The slogan "Served 49 times" literally means that the burgers are served 49 times before they have to cook them again, which takes about thirty minutes, since the food is pre-made. Sarah cleverly learned this trick and skips to the forty-ninth spot. Mostly because she enjoys being the last person to get the burger while the people behind her complain.
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