Abby S.

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Riddle: A girl gets trapped in a magical land. A genie grants her three wishes. But he tells her no wishing for more wishes. But she still managed to get more wishes. How?
Answer: She wished that the gene would let her wish for more wishes then she wished for more wishes.
Wishes Riddle Meme.
Wishes Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: There was a farmer with a lot of lands. One day he got stranded on an island. He was stranded with his chicken, his fox, a boat and a thing of grain. He has to get everything back to the island. But the boat can only hold him and one other object. The fox and chicken cannot be left alone because the fox will eat the chicken. The chicken and the grain cannot be left alone because the chicken will eat the grain. The only two things that can be left alone our the fox and the grain. In what order does the farmer take the items?
Answer: The farmer takes the chicken across. Then he comes back gets the grain while he is dropping off the grain he picks up the chicken. He drops the chicken off on the island and picks up the fox. He drops off the fox goes back to the island picks the chicken back up and takes it back and everything is back on the farm.
Island Farmer Riddle Meme.
Island Farmer Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.