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List of Tennis Riddles with Answers

Funny tennis riddles from the original Riddles website.  These are the best tennis riddles, jokes, and brain teasers for coaches and athletes.  Entertain your classmates or share with your team.

1. Riddle: What do you serve that you can't eat?
Answer: A tennis ball.

2. Riddle: Two men were playing tennis. They played five sets and each man won three sets. How can this be possible?
Answer: The two men were partners playing doubles.

3. Riddle: We are five little objects of an everyday sort. You will find us all in a tennis court. What are we?
Answer: Vowels.

4. Riddle: We're 5 little items of an everyday sort, you'll find us all in A Tennis Court. What are we?
Answer: The 5 Vowels: A E I O U.

5. Riddle: What game makes the most noise?
Answer: Tennis- you can't play it without raising a racket!

6. Riddle: What time does a tennis player get up?
Answer: Ten-ish.

7. Riddle: Why were the tennis players arrested?

Answer: Because they had racquets.

8. Riddle: Do vampires play tennis in their free time?
Answer: No they prefer bat-minton.

9. Riddle: Why weren't the tennis players allowed in the restaurant?
Answer: Because they make too much racquet. 

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