Riddle: How do you make a strawberry shake?
Answer: Introduce it to Jesse James.
Riddle: I am walking and i don't see my tie. Where did it go?
Answer: On my shoe.
Riddle: What take longer run through. 1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd?
Answer: 2nd and 3rd because you have to go through a shortstop.
Short Riddles
Riddle: What type of drum are you not able to play?
Answer: Conundrum.
Riddle: What did the robber get his wife for her birthday?
Answer: A stole.
Short Riddles
Riddle: Cleopatra and Anthony were near a fish bowl and somehow they died. What happened?
Answer: Cleopatra and Anthony were fish and a cat knocked over their fish bowl and since fish can't survive without water they died!!
Riddle: What animal probably likes doors?
Answer: A doormouse.
Short Riddles
Riddle: What is the difference between the North Pole and the South Pole?
Answer: All the difference in the world.
Riddle: When does one become soured?
Answer: When he is in a pickle.
Riddle: In what place did the rooster crow when all the world heard him?
Answer: In Noah's Ark.
Riddle: Why are trees in winter like troublesome visitors?
Answer: Because it's a long time before they leave.
Riddle: An american guy died and went to hell. What were his last words?
Answer: Hell-O (Hello)
Riddle: Why did the jelly roll?
Answer: It saw the apple turn over.
Riddle: What is a pirates favorite word?
Answer: Arrgh.
Riddle: A man has 9 children. Half of them are boys. How is this possible?
Answer: they are all boys
Riddle: When are eyes not eyes?
Answer: When the wind makes them water.
Riddle: How do hangmen keep up with current events?
Answer: They read the noose-paper.
Riddle: What is dressed when night falls and undressed when day breaks?
Answer: Fire.
Riddle: What is the next letter? W, I, T, N, ..?
Answer: L!
Riddle: What is the only common four-letter English word that ends in the suffix -eny?
Answer: Deny.