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Scriptural: The sacred writings of Christianity contained in the Bible. Enigma:  A person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand. More Quizzes.

Riddle: Whose wicked mother "Treason" cried?
Answer: Ahaziah’s mother—2 Chron. xxiii. 13.
Riddle: What Jewish king a leper died?
Answer: Uzziah—2 Chron. xxvi. 21.
Riddle: What Persian queen preserved the Jews?
Answer: Hadaosoh—Esther viii. 7.
Riddle: Whose son profane his life did lose?
Answer: Shelomith—Levit. xxiv. 11.
Riddle: The initial letters joined aright, A famous Jew will bring to light. Who is it?
Answer: Joshua.
Riddle: Who built a city on a hill?
Answer: Omri—1 Kings xvi. 24.
Riddle: Who cowardly a prince did kill?
Answer: Joab—2 Samuel xviii. 14.  
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Scriptural Enigmas Answers:

  1. Ahaziah’s mother—2 Chron. xxiii. 13.
  2. Uzziah—2 Chron. xxvi. 21.
  3. Hadaosoh—Esther viii. 7.
  4. Shelomith—Levit. xxiv. 11.
  5. Joshua.
  6. Omri—1 Kings xvi. 24.
  7. Joab—2 Samuel xviii. 14.