Puzzle 4 - Code Riddle - What Is The Riddle And Answer?

Author: Dragosboss49
3 years ago

Riddle: This is a coded riddle. Crack the code and answer the riddle. What is the riddle and answer? The cipher for this coded riddle is hidden somewhere on Riddles.com. Hint: #5000 This is a riddle written in secret code. Can you solve it? Wklv sodfh kdv kdugob dqb oljkwv, exw d orw ri fuhdnlqj iorruv. Wkhuh duh doo nlqgv ri vwudqjh qrlvhv dqg vrph udqgrp vodpplqj grruv. Zkdw lv lw?

The riddle "Puzzle 4 - Code Riddle - What is the riddle and answer?" is unanswered. Do you know the answer? If so, add your answer in the comments section below.

Source: https://www.riddles.com/9374