A small group of people are all standing around a two-foot tall, empty, wooden container. Two women approach the group carrying a silver container, which they place inside the wooden container. No one complains about the quarter-sized hole in the side of the wooden object. A Z-shaped piece of metal is then attached to both the silver and wooden containers, and one-at-a-time, the members of the small group take turns grasping the Z-shaped piece of metal and moving their hands in a circular motion. When one tires of this, another person takes over, and this is repeated numerous times. Finally, a heavy group member places his foot on top of the Z-shaped object, while a final group member performs a few last circular motions. After this, the top of the silver container is removed, and an object made of wood and metal is removed from it. Later, the contents of the silver container are consumed by those present. What has been going on here?


This group was making home made ice cream using an old fashioned hand-cranked ice cream freezer.

Strange Ritual Riddle Meme.
Strange Ritual Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.