You are having a walk when you find a poster saying "If you manage to surprise the judges in how you solved the equation 10+100, we'll give you $10,000." You dash towards the place where you find the leader of this project (?). He says, "As you saw, you have to surprise the judges. We all expect something unique from you, good luck!" There, you solve the equation and manage to get the $10,000. How do you solve the problem?


You solve the problem normally (in your head, vertical/horizontal equation, everything else that EVERYONE knows). The reason is that the man said, "We all expect something unique from you." And if you expect something very unique from someone, you don't get surprised no matter how unique it is (Unless it's super, super unique, and there isn't a lot of "unique" ways of solving 10+100). Because they are EXPECTING something unique, if you just do it the normal way, they will be surprised as you literally ignored their expectations of "Something Unique"!

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