Escape Room

Author: Lumine

Riddle: You are stuck in a room. On the door is a keypad with all the letters of the alphabet and the enter button. The word is 7 letters long. To your left, is a table with a note. The note reads: Sulfer Carbon Iodine Einsteinium Nitrogen Cerium On the other side of the room is a billboard. On the billboard there is a note pinned to it. On this note, it says: After solving the note upon the table, remove a letter and you will be free." What is the code to escape?
Answer: The code is “science” After solving for the first note, you will get “sciesnce.” If you don’t understand why, go to the Periodic Table of the Elements and find these elements there. From the second note, you remove the ‘s’ which leaves you with ‘science’ I came up with this my self when I was looking at the periodic table. Thank you for reading my Escape Room.
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