Who Did It

Author: Maeve


Your an FBI agent and you are assigned to the case of a murder. A man named Julious Jill was murderered by someone in the house. At least that's what people say. You are to interview everyone that was in the house on Sunday at 6:30pm. You interview the kids first you ask them "what were you doing on Sunday at 6:30" the kids said we were playing with our toys. You interview the wife and you ask the same thing. The wife says she was cleaning the kids room because the maid said she was going out with friends. So Mts. Jill said she will clean. Next you ask the maid what she was doing the maid says she was getting the mail. Who murderered Mr. Jill?


The maid: the maid said she was getting the mail on a Sunday the mail doesn't come on Sundays and she lied to Mrs. Jill about going out with friends.

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