Riddle: Dorothy is not a violent person, yet she carries a hard, round object in her purse which she occasionally throws at people. She thinks others find her actions amusing, and they do for the most part; but many people flinch when she does throw the object directly toward them. The danger is minimal however, as the object returns to her, most of the time, and she never throws the object with the intention of harming anyone. Dorothy considers herself to be an entertainer of sorts, using the round object and some string to amuse anyone willing to watch her. She uses the object to perform some amazing, gravity-defying stunts. Dorothy says she got the idea for this attention-grabbing activity while working part time as a dog walker. Is Dorothy a menace to society who should be reported to the authorities, or is she just providing a little innocent fun for those who watch her? Just what is the hard, round object Dorothy carries in her purse?
Answer: Dorothy carries a yo-yo in her purse, and puts on a dazzling display of various tricks for onlookers. She even performs classic yo-yo moves such as the famous walk-the-dog maneuver.
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