Riddle: I'm a word that's hardly there. Take away my start, and I'm an herbal flair. What am I?
Answer: Sparsely (No S = Parsley).
Riddle: Our dinner guests cry that we are evil, when they notice their place in the meal. But its no big deal why; we are just one big happy tribe! And we get reall fed up with people! Who, What or Are we?
Answer: Cannibals!
Riddle: Marking mortal privation, when firmly in place. An enduring summation, inscribed in my face. What am I?
Answer: A Tombstone.
What Am I Riddles
Riddle: When I'm used, I'm useless, once offered, soon rejected. In desperation oft expressed, the intended not protected. What am I?
Answer: A poor alibi or excuse.
Riddle: A woman who lives in new york legally married three men, she did not get divorce, get an enollment, or legally seperate. How is this possible?
Answer: She is a minister.
What Am I Riddles
Riddle: I'm one of five, I'm not alive. The one who sent me forth became king, The one who received me died. What am I?
Answer: A Stone from the popular Biblical story, David had five stones. He used one of the stones to kill Goliath.
Riddle: My first is a creature whose breeding is unclear. My second, a price you must pay. My whole can be found in the river of Time and refers to events of today. What am I?
Answer: Current.
What Am I Riddles
Riddle: Many-manned scud-thumper, Maker of worn wood, Shrub-ruster, Sky-mocker, Rave! Portly pusher, Wind-slave. What am I?
Answer: The ocean!
Riddle: The land was white the seed was black It'll take a good scholar to riddle me that. What am I?
Answer: An eye or an eyeball
Riddle: There were 5 men traveling down a road and it started to rain and 4 men sped up, the 5th did not, but they all arrived at the same place at the same time but all of them were wet besides the 5th.  How?
Answer: He was dead and in a coffin.
Riddle: I am a perching barrel, filled with meat, Taking hits from leaps and dives. Look inside, but do not eat, The meat in there is still alive! What am I?
Answer: A thimble on a finger.
Riddle: You can use me to stop, You take me to smoke; Not only do I stop, But I am a stop, And the result of pool's first stroke. What am I?
Answer: Brake/ Break
Riddle: Black I am and much admired, men seek me until they're tired. When they find me, they break my head, and take from me my resting bed. What am I?
Answer: Coal
Riddle: Give me an x, I'll stand to face you. Give me a cross, I'll turn my back on you. What am I?
Answer: The Number 9 (9 multipled by 9 = 81, 9 plus 9=18).
Riddle: When you take away the whole from me, there is always some left over. What am I?
Answer: Wholesome!
Riddle: My first is high, My second damp, My whole a tie, A writer's cramp. What am I?
Answer: Hyphen. The first two lines yield high-fen. A hyphen is used by a writer to tie (or cramp) two words together.