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Riddle: I am a word of five, remove two and one remains. What am I
Answer: Stone/Phone.
Riddle: What two, rhyming words, can be used to describe a riddle about drinking a liquid really fast?
Answer: Guzzle puzzle.
Riddle: Which of the following words doesn't belong to this set? Why? Brush, Taste, Shampoo, Stench, Flush, Wash and Seat.
Answer: Stench. You can brush, taste, shampoo, flush, wash and seat people, but you can’t stench.
Riddle: Cat, horse, monkey; Hat, sombrero, cappello; Sheep, wool, haggis; Dairy, blueberry, cherry; Television, computer, phone; Which set of words doesn't belong?
Answer: Dairy, blueberry, cherry; All sets of words have a common theme, but this set of words is the only one that rhymes.
Riddle: A great man once said, "a life changing 7 letter word should always come after a 6 letter word"... The 7 letter word is success. Guess the word before it.
Answer: The riddle "What comes before success " is unanswered. Do you know the answer? If so, click ANSWER and add your answer in the comments section.
Riddle: What seven letters English word is itself an isogram?
Answer: The word "Isogram".
Riddle: Why is a Raven like a writing desk?
Answer: One is nevaR backwards, and one is forWords.
Riddle: Why are your nose and chin always at variance?
Answer: Because words are passing between them.
Riddle: Comes from an island A most peculiar word art This riddle is one. What is it?
Answer: Haiku.
Riddle: If you take me four steps forward from the ball you will see something making a noise. but if you take me four more steps you will need to pay money. Who am i?
Answer: The letter A. If you take the letter 'a' from the word 'ball' and you move it four steps it becomes 'e' and the word is 'bell' and it makes noise and then you move it four more it becomes 'i' and then the word is 'bill' and you need to pay money.