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Riddle: What word/phrase is described by the following rebus? Julio Iglesias Lana Turner Dinah Shore John Wayne Nichole Ritchy John Ireland Elizabeth Taylor John Travolta Barbara Eden Jack Nicholson Clue: Paris Hilton has nothing to do with the answer.
Answer: It's written in the stars names (using each star's last name, the initials spell "its written"
Riddle: What starts with E, ends with E, but only contains one letter?
Answer: It's an envelope! You have to think about it literally; an "envelope" begins with E, ends with E, and only contains one letter–the "letter" is the letter you type/write. Some people believe it could be "eye" or "Eve" or "ewe", however, those things contain THREE letters (yes, you have to count the E's in each word because E is also a letter).
Riddle: With potent, flowery words speak I, Of something common, vulgar, dry; I weave webs of pedantic prose, In effort to befuddle those, Who think I while time away, In lofty things, above all-day The common kind that lingers where Monadic beings live and fare; Practical I may not be, But life, it seems, is full of me! What am I?
Answer: A riddler. ( or riddle )
Riddle: Accord I try not. What is the anagrammed word?
Answer: Contradictory.
Riddle: You can do it in vessels for getting you clean. You can do it to fabric to stop being seen. You are doing it when you've come up short. You've done it too when you've equalled in sport. This may sound like there should be images but then, You can do all those things without pencil or pen. What is the word?
Answer: DRAW.
Riddle: There is one word that stands the test of time and holds fast to the center of everything. Though everyone will try at least once in their life to move around this word, but in fact, unknowingly, they use it every moment of the day. Young or old, awake or in sleep, human or animal, this word stands fast. It belongs to everyone, to all living things, but no one can master it. The word is?
Answer: Gravity.
Riddle: Sal I run. What is the anagrammed word?
Answer: Insular.
Riddle: A lion; capture it. What is the anagrammed word?
Answer: Recapitulation.
Riddle: Priest tied guitar. What is the anagrammed word?
Answer: Prestidigitateur.
Riddle: I talk, but I do not speak my mind I hear words, but I do not listen to thoughts When I wake, all see me When I sleep, all hear me Many heads are on my shoulders Many hands are at my feet The strongest steel cannot break my visage But the softest whisper can destroy me The quietest whimper can be heard. What am I?
Answer: An Actor.