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"Priest" Riddles - 3 of 3

Riddle: Many partners could be mine, I'll not choose one to love, A priest's embrace may raise me up, He'll claim it was not me. ... No gent are you, you'll surely ask, My age before you flirt, To kiss your lips would be divine, Though soon, you'll knock me back. ... Seducers use me all the time, Their eyes upon another, Some say they're gents, but post a roll, In gutter, I am thrown. ... Even with legs, I will not run, I'll stand on one alone, I may reveal the words of truth, No secret will I say. ... What am I?
Answer: Wine
Riddle: Priest tied guitar. What is the anagrammed word?
Answer: Prestidigitateur.
Riddle: What do you call a priest riding a cycle?
Answer: A cyclist.

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