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"Panther" Riddles - 5 of 5

Riddle: The king of the jungle, rare as gold, black as night, in light not there and night not seen. Goes in water, goes on trees, goes in caves, goes on the ground. Claws of knives, teeth of swords, roar of death but silent as a mouse. What is it?
Answer: A black panther (black jaguar)
Riddle: A man and his wife were doing missionary work near the city of Nairobi in the country of Kenya in eastern Africa. Their housing had not yet been completed, so the man, the woman, and their six year old daughter were spending a few nights in the jungle in three small pup tents. During their third night there, the woman was awakened by the call of a hyena passing by, so she got out of her tent to see if her young daughter had been frightened by the noise. As she peered into her daughter's tent she was surprised to see the dark figures of lion, a panther, and a cheetah which were curled up next to her daughter. Seeing her daughter was asleep and unharmed, the woman slowly and quietly withdrew from the tent, and simply returned to her own tent and went back to bed. How could this child's mother leave her daughter in such a dangerous situation, and simply ignore what she had just witnessed without intervening in some way? How can such emotional coldness ever be explained; or is there something here we are missing?
Answer: The woman was surprised to see that her daughter had talked her father into allowing her to bring her three favorite stuffed animals on the trip with her (the lion, the panther, and the cheetah).
Riddle: Little William Dilly, a five-year-old kindergarten student, approached his mother after school one day and related the following story: "Today in school I saw a man-eating lion! Then I saw a man-eating tiger! Then I saw a man-eating panther!" "That’s nice," his mother replied, only half listening to him. William continued; "And then I saw a man-eating camel and a man-eating zebra, and a man-eating sheep!" This caught his mother’s attention. "Did your class go to the zoo today? I sent no permission slip; or is your wild imagination exposing itself again --- because there are no camels, zebras, or sheep that eat people," his mother replied. "Honest, mom! I really did see everything I just told you!" Indeed, young William had seen everything he had reported to his mother. How could it be possible for William to have actually seen all he claimed to see?
Answer: Little William’s kindergarten teacher was a man who enjoyed having fun with his students. At lunchtime that day, he took out a box of animal crackers, and holding up one animal at a time he would announce to the class, “You are now seeing a man eating lion, or a man eating sheep,” etc., and then proceed to eat each cracker, much to the children’s amusement. Little William was just reporting what he had seen his teacher doing and saying that day.
Riddle: In her work each day, a courageous young woman often encounters cobras, vipers, stingrays, barracudas, eagles, cougars, impalas, rams, spiders, beetles, and on rare occasions, a panther. This woman has no fear of any of these as she walks around in the midst of them, never carrying a gun or a whip, and without being protected from them by iron bars or safety barriers of any kind. What is the occupation of this brave, young woman, and why does she have no fear when performing her job?
Answer: The young woman is a used-car saleswoman who encounters a wide variety of high and low end trade-ins at the dealership where she works. Incidentally, all of the models of the used cars listed in this puzzle are named after animals. The last one mentioned, the Watercar panther, is an amphibious automobile which started to be produced in 2013.
Riddle: Use all letters of this sentence once each only to spell out three animals. 'TALL ELEPHANT OR APEMAN' What are the three animals?

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