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"Insect" Riddles - 8 of 8

Riddle: What's stronger than a boulder, but weaker than a flying insect?
Answer: Gravity
Riddle: What is the oldest living insect?
Answer: VW Beetle, since 1938.
Riddle: What is a wasp's favorite article of clothing?
Answer: A Yellowjacket!
Riddle: What is an insect’s favorite sport?
Answer: Cricket.
Riddle: You use me to hide from the world but they can still see you. Nobody knows but only you do. My exposed side is fake while the other covers your youth. I hold lies and truths in both ways therefore sometimes I am ruth. You wear me with or without your wealth or I can be shaped from wood or chisel and used for stealth. I am never complete without being worn into, for I am a tool that everyone can see, they look at me more than look at you too. I can fake your looks for and from many different things, creatures, objects, insects, and even your fidus achates. It is up to you how I am lune, For I am not the mystery, only though are you. What am I?
Answer: A Mask.
Riddle: What is a bee's favorite article of clothing?
Answer: A beanie!
Riddle: Which insect prays for the other insects?
Answer: The praying mantis
Riddle: A nurse was speaking with a young doctor just prior to their entering the room where the surgery was to take place. "You know," said the nurse, "I am surprised you are going to attempt surgery on this patient again, since you have failed in all of your previous attempts. You are lucky this patient is unable to make any complaints concerning your failed surgical attempts, and sue you for malpractice! So far, you have botched his knee, ankle, heart, and rib surgeries, and now you are going to try to remove insects from this man's stomach. What's next, brain surgery?" "After today's operation, I believe I will do just that!," replied the doctor in a defiant tone, "and this time there will be no nose bleed, or a red nose of any kind during the surgery." "That'll be the day," replied the nurse. "I will be right next to you during the operation, so when you mess up, I'll have a good laugh!" What kind of twisted, warped, medical professionals are these two? Why haven't both of them been permanently banned from practicing medicine? Just what exactly is going on here?
Answer: While on break, several of the doctors and nurses at a hospital have been competing against one another in the classic game of Operation. This doctor, although he failed at removing the patient’s water on the knee, wrenched ankle, broken heart, and spare ribs, felt confident he could remove the butterflies from the patient’s stomach without causing the patient’s nose to light up red and trigger a buzzer sound signifying failure.

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