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"Earthquake" Riddles - 3 of 3

Riddle: What do cows give after an earthquake?
Answer: Milk shakes.
Riddle: Irene is an amazing artist. She can draw anything and everything, and draw them all well. The unique thing about Irene's art is she uses both of her hands to draw her pictures, even though she is not ambidextrous. Holding a round piece of plastic in each of her hands, she is able to create magnificent works of art. Irene, however, has one great fear in her life --- Earthquakes!!! Now, Irene is a mentally healthy person with a stable personality, so why in the world should this talented artist have a constant fear of earthquakes, which rarely happen in the state of Florida where she resides? Does her fear of earthquakes have anything to do with her type of artwork, and if so, exactly what type of art does Irene create?
Answer: Irene is an Etch-a-Sketch artist who keeps her completed pictures on the walls of her home. One good shake from an earthquake, and all of her pictures could be erased.
Riddle: I shake, but unlike the strength of an earthquake. You can find me both high and low, usually out of control. I can be considered both good or bad, sometimes used for both happy or sad. What am I?
Answer: Singing Pitch.

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