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"Church" Riddles - 6 of 6

Riddle: Mr. Steve lives in a mansion. He is very rich. He's so rich that he has a maid, a cook, a butler, and a lifeguard. Yesterday, Mr. Steve was found dead. The chief detective was coming from Sunday church to investigate. The police were already there. They caught 6 suspects. The maid, the butler, the cook, the lifeguard, the postman, and Mrs. Steve. The maid said she was dusting. The butler said he was playing a board game with Mr. Steve's sons. The cook said he was making dinner. The lifeguard said he was watching Mr. Steve's daughter swim in the pool. The postman said he was delivering mail. Mrs. Steve said she was watching TV. Who is lying? You only have one chance because if you choose incorrectly, you accuse the wrong person and the true killer gets away.
Answer: The postman was lying. If the chief detective was coming from church, then you know that the post office doesn't deliver mail on Sunday.
Riddle: Why couldn't the church steeple keep a secret?
Answer: Because the bell always tolled.
Riddle: First is the last. Last is the first. You are in the middle. What am I?
Riddle: On which side of a church is the graveyard always situated?
Answer: On the outside, of course.
Riddle: Why is an orange not like a church bell?
Answer: Because it is never peeled (pealed) but once.
Riddle: There were five men going to church and it started to rain. The four that ran got wet and the one that stood still stayed dry. How did the one stay dry?
Answer: It was a body in a coffin with the bearers.

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