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"Black" Riddles - Next 10 of 80.

Riddle: I'm afraid my grandmother may be getting a bit senile. The other day she told me she was planning a special Easter party for about 25 of her friends, and she asked me to go to the store for her, to pick up the following items on this list she gave me: 25 green apples, 25 peaches, 25 mangos, 25 juicy pears, 25 plums, 25 lemons, 25 coconuts, 25 cantaloupes, 25 watermelons, 25 A&W cream sodas, 25 strawberry cheesecakes, 25 pieces of bubblegum, 1 bag of crushed pineapple, 1 bag of blueberries, 1 bag of cotton candy, 1 bag of wild blackberries, 1 bag of buttered popcorn, and 1 bag of sour cherries. Well, what do you think? Is my grandmother’s trolly car starting to leave its track, or are her mental faculties still in good working order? Just what is her plan for this party?
Answer: Grandma is planning an Easter jelly-bean-eating party for her 25 friends. She plans to give one of each of the gourmet jelly beans listed to each of her friends to see which flavors her friends like the best.
Riddle: I am big, small, tall, short, black, white, blue, red, green, and yellow, I am smart, dumb. What am I?
Answer: A Liar!
Riddle: A sheriff is in hot pursuit of the notorious bank robber Black Bart. The six-shooters of the lawman and the criminal glisten in the sun, as Black Bart speeds his way on foot to the first horse he sees, and quickly mounts it. The sheriff, in hot pursuit, jumps on the back of the closest steed he can find, and continues the heated chase, but he is unable to close the gap between them. After a short time, a man and a woman, who are witnessing the chase, shout out loudly to the lawman and the criminal, "Meet you at the saloon in 30 minutes for something cold!" What is going on in this strange scenario, and who are the man and the woman who shouted out the invitation to the saloon?
Answer: The "sheriff" and "Black Bart" are two children pretending to be a lawman chasing an outlaw, and are riding horses on a merry-go-round at an amusement park or a western tourist town. The man and the woman are their parents who are inviting them to the "saloon" for some cold drinks or ice cream.
Riddle: How many black beans will make five white ones?
Answer: Five when peeled.
Riddle: A certain man who is called "Captain" by his crew, is infamously known for his hatred of a particular group of young boys. He especially dislikes the leader of this group of children, to the extent he would actually kill him if given the chance. This man is neither a basketball player, nor a boxer, nor a fisherman, as his name suggests, but he is the "captain" of a ship called the Sea Devil which flies a black and white flag. This man sails on his ship with his own group of grown men who are a scurvy bunch who enjoy criminal activities. Although he presents himself as being fearless, there is one thing that sends him into a frightened panic -- the sound of a ticking clock! Who is this infamous man, and why haven’t the authorities arrested or imprisoned him and his evil crew?
Answer: The infamous man is Captain Hook, the arch-enemy of Peter Pan and the lost boys. He fears the loud ticking of a clock which a monstrous crocodile swallowed at some point before Peter Pan cut off the captain’s hand during battle, and fed the hand to the beast. The clock now resides in the crocodile’s stomach, and the ticking warns Captain Hook of the creature’s presence, as the crocodile wants to eat the rest of the tasty captain.
Riddle: Don't burn me I'll be crusty and black, but butter me and I'll be greasy and wack. What am I?
Answer: The riddle "Crusty and black vs Greasy and Wack" is unanswered. Do you know the answer? If so, click ANSWER and add your answer in the comments section.
Riddle: Black within, red without, with four courners, round about. What is it?
Answer: A chiminey.
Riddle: Class if it's own; its hooves divine. Another of black; a beauty so fine. A gift from jesters bestowed...sheep; Equine for a king, by the spiders of Roman kind. Then there's one master of many; space still to his queen. Mother of dragons unscathed of same Trojans fear. Commanded and protected of actors so unaware. Who am I?
Answer: The riddle "Class if it's own; its hooves divine. Another of black; a beauty so fine." is unanswered. Do you know the answer? If so, click ANSWER and add your answer in the comments section.
Riddle: What's black and white and red all over?
Answer: A zebra with a sunburn.
Riddle: Terry is a gambling man. Just the other day at a meeting of his bridge club, he challenged each of the seven members to the following: "I bet each of you, seven men, a pack of Blackjack chewing gum, that none of you can walk straight through that 6-foot 5-inch doorframe --- without stopping or jumping --- and touch the top of it with your head as you pass through it; but I bet I can. Since the tallest member of the club was six feet tall and he knew he couldn't do it, even on his tiptoes, each man decided to take Terry's bet. Terry won seven packs of Blackjack gum that day. Since he didn’t use an instant growth potion, how did he manage to win his unusual bet?
Answer: After the other members tried his challenge and failed, Terry simply strapped two one-foot tall stilts (empty metal cans he had brought with him) to his feet and walked through the doorway, touching his head on the frame as he passed through it.