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"Black" Riddles - Next 10 of 80.

Riddle: I grow on trees, I make some people wheeze. I can be brown or black, I can be used as a snack. Some animals bite me, some animals hide me. They save me for Winter deep in the ground, the start to dig down down down. For humans I have a very good taste, sometimes they throw out a part in the waste! What am I?
Answer: A nut!
Riddle: One day a man was going to the police station. He told the police about the incident he had. He told the police that he was going to the bank with $10,000,000 in his briefcase. He said that a robber snatched the briefcase from the man and ran away. The police asked the man what the robber looked like. The man said he couldn't really see the robber's face or anything else because the robber was wearing a black jumpsuit, mask, and gloves. The police nodded. Then, the police saw a fresh cut on the man's face. He asked if that was the result of the attack. The man said he saw the robber wearing a diamond ring. The police immediately realized the man was lying and put the man in jail. How did the police know?
Answer: The man said that the robber was wearing black gloves. Who wears a ring on top of their gloves?
Riddle: What kind of music does a blacksmith like?
Answer: Heavy metal!
Riddle: I come in rolls and sometimes stacks. I can be colored, plain or black. Born from the earth alive and well, then I'm chopped and changed so none can tell. Forced to endure your mistakes. Left with marks all over my clean face. Rocks lose to me I'm told, and I have been used to endure your cold. What am I?
Answer: Paper.
Riddle: A girl was holding something in her hand. With her other hand she picked up a regular black pen and wrote on the object in her hand. When she let go of the object, the writing shrunk and became more solid. What was the object ?
Answer: An untied balloon
Riddle: I am black of eye and bright of hair And my feet are firmly in the ground. I love the sun upon my face And I follow it around. When I am dead and gone tis said, That I will droop real low, That I will keep the birds well fed, Standing stiff there in my row. What am I?
Answer: A sunflower.
Riddle: Marvin is a typical boy who attends a typical elementary school. However, Marvin is considered by some to be a bit eccentric. His teachers have noted he has a habit of carrying some unusual things in his pockets. Some of these items include: onion skins, some toothpaste, a lifeless bumblebee, a steel ball, pearls, some spaghetti, and a small turtle. The most bizarre item he carries in his pockets though, is far more disturbing --- a cat's eye!!! Why haven't the teachers reported this to the authorities? Where are the animal rights activists when you need them? Why hasn't the school psychologist been contacted so Marvin can receive a mental health evaluation? Of course, it is possible Marvin isn't such a strange little boy after all. What do you think? What's going on here?
Answer: Marvin loves to play the old game of marbles. He always carries some in his pockets, some of which include: onion skins (marbles with a swirled and layered design that resemble an onion); toothpaste (marbles with the colors of red, white, blue, black, and orange inside), bumblebee (a yellow marble with two black stripes on the sides), a ball bearing made of steel called a steelie), pearls (marbles with a mother-of-pearl coating), spaghetti (marbles with entwined lines inside them), a turtle (a marble with green and yellow wavy steaks), and a cat’s eye (a marble which closely resembles the eye of a cat).
Riddle: A businesswoman named Coraline was at her place of work when a young man entered. "You look like a Clark to me," said Coraline in greeting him. The man responded, "You are exactly right," and he exchanged something with her and then left. A second man entered and said, "I'm really hungry, and am looking for the nearest fast-food place." "I suggest you take 5th Avenue," answered Coraline. He then exchanged something with her and left. A rather heavy-set woman then came through the door and Coraline said, "You are definitely a chunky person!" Seemingly unaffected by the comment, the woman said, "I certainly have to agree with you," and she then exchanged something with Coraline and then departed. A policewoman then entered and said in a serious voice, "I received a tip that one of the Peanuts gang was hiding in here, and I came to take her in. "She is here," replied Coraline, and she turned her over to the officer in exchange for something. Finally, a shady-looking character came slinking in, carrying a black briefcase. "Why are you here?" asked Coraline. "It's not payday again, is it?" "You got it, Sweetie!" he replied, and he exchanged something with her and then left. What in the world was going on here, and what kind of business was Coraline operating?
Answer: Coraline was the owner and operator of a candy shop. Most of her customers were repeat customers, and she was very familiar with their specific requests before they ever stated them. In order of their entry into her store, she offered them: A Clark bar, a 5th Avenue candy bar, a Chunky square, a Peppermint Patty, and a Payday bar. Each customer simply paid for their selection and left with their favorite candy.
Riddle: Dorothy and Irene are now model citizens, but in their younger days, when they were in elementary school, they were known as "The Two Lightning Bolts". It was the last day of fourth grade for these two classmates back in 1929, and the two had concocted an evil plot to get back at their fourth-grade teacher, who they did not like. At one point, when the teacher turned his back on them to face the blackboard, Dorothy and Irene each carefully removed loaded guns from their lunch boxes, aimed them at the teacher, and pulled the triggers. Fortunately, they were both poor shots, but they did manage to graze their teacher on his back and head with a few of their repeated shots. As the teacher tried to escape the classroom, he slipped and fell twice on Dorothy and Irene’s loose ammunition, but he managed to make it to the school office to report the shooting attack. However, "The Two Lightning Bolts" received only a two-week suspension, starting at the beginning of the following school year for their premeditated attack on the teacher. I always heard discipline was better and stronger in the past, but these two tried to shoot their teacher with loaded guns, and got off with only a two-week suspension! How can this travesty ok of justice possibly be explained?
Answer: Dorothy and Irene did indeed shoot their teacher while in fourth grade, but the attack was made with their squirt guns. The teacher slipped on the water which had missed him, and he subsequently slipped and fell on the floor during his attempted escape. The school went lightly on the two, because they knew the parents had additional punishments for “The Two Lightning Bolts”.
Riddle: While sitting in his living room one evening, Jim thought he heard some voices outside. At that same moment, he observed a dark blur quickly pass by his window, just as daylight was fading. He saw it return to pass by his window a second, a third, and a fourth time. Thinking it must be a bird or a bat, Jim thought little of it, until about 20 minutes later when he saw the same blur pass by his window --- but this time it was a dull greenish color! He immediately jumped to his feet and ran to the window, just in time to see a glowing disk-shaped object hover, and then land on top of his neighbor's roof where it remained motionless. Jim watched for a long time, as it slowly began to lose its glow. He considered calling the police to report a possible U.F.O. sighting, but he didn't want to risk becoming a "community crackpot", so he decided instead to wait until morning to see if the strange, glowing craft remained on the roof where it had landed. What do you suppose Jim saw on his neighbor’s roof the next morning?
Answer: The "U.F.O." Jim had seen was a black frisbee two kids had been throwing in his back yard. As it began to get dark, they switched to a glow-in-the-dark frisbee to see it better. Unfortunately, the first time they threw it, they quickly ran off, as they saw they had thrown it onto the neighbor's roof, and they didn't want to get into trouble.