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"Universe" Riddles - 6 of 6

Riddle: I soar without wings, I see without eyes. I've traveled the universe to and fro. I've conquered the world, yet I've never been anywhere but home. Who am I?
Answer: I'm your imagination.
Riddle: What is the universe's favorite beverage?
Answer: Infini-tea!
Riddle: I can be old or new, big or small, thick or thin. I contain information about all that is present in the entire world. I contain links to countless minds, worlds, adventures, universes, mysteries, and even mystical things. I am a place where things are out of the world and where imaginations are realities. People fill me with their thoughts, opinions, and life stories. Most children tend to think I'm boring, but there are only a few truly talented, out of this world, beautiful-minds who wait for me enthusiastically and when done with me, waits for my descendants. What am I?
Answer: Books! Come on, who doesn't love to curl up with a good book beside the fireplace?!
Riddle: I am nothing, I am everything. I am perfect dark, I am the brightest lights. I am hungry, I am full. I am nowhere, I am everywhere. I am unseen, I am watched by millions. What am I?
Answer: The universe.
Riddle: Inside me, there is a teacup, a planet, a shelf, and you! What Am I?
Answer: The Universe!
Riddle: In a parallel universe, it's only allowed to have fun and eat junk food. No one ever reads or studies. One rainy day, Mrs. Rellum came home after a long day at a club. She asked her three daughters what they had been doing. Hannah said that she was at the park with her friends. Elle said that she spent the day watching movies in her room. Ava said that she invited her best friend over, made a huge pizza, and ate it together. One of Mrs. Rellum's daughters is lying. Who is it?
Answer: Hannah is lying. She couldn't be at the park with her friends because it was raining all day.

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