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"Christian" Riddles - 3 of 3

Riddle: Does the Christian religion allow a man to marry his widow's sister?
Answer: A dead man cannot marry. His widow would mean he is dead.
Riddle: Leslie bought some ice cream on Friday. She kept all of the flavors a secret from her friends, although she wanted to enjoy it for dessert the next day. When Leslie woke up on Saturday, she didn't find the ice cream; someone had eaten it! The girl decided to ask her friends if they had eaten the ice cream. Geoff said that he was about to leave for work, and hadn't seen anything. Christian said that he was excited to try the new butterscotch ice cream on Saturday, albeit afraid that he was going to miss it. And Margot said that she didn't even know about the ice cream, but was also willing to try it. Who knows something?
Answer: Christian couldn't be sure that there was a butterscotch taste among the ice cream flavors because Leslie kept all of the flavors in secret. Therefore, he knows something about the stolen ice cream.
Riddle: Endlessly, I hunger, Lazily, I sleep. Murderous, I thunder, Desires, I do seek. Hoarding countless treasures, so my stature I retain, Envious of others whose feet on Earth remain. What am I?
Answer: "The Seven Deadly Sins" - Reasoning: Each sentence structure portrays one of the seven deadly sins from Christian theology, with the exception of the final 5 words. In order according to the riddle, these are; gluttony, sloth, wrath, lust, greed, pride and envy. The final 5 words, "whose feet on Earth remain", act in conjunction with the section on envy, demonstrating the perspective of a sinner in hell, who is envious of those still alive, and thus can still repent for their sins in order to enter Heaven.

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