Riddle: A man was robbed at midnight. The value of the items added up to ten thousand dollars When the police checked, there were two copies of the thief standing outside the door. The police arrested the correct one right away. How could they know?
Answer: The thief stole money. It was falling out of his pockets.
Riddle: A women was shot, drowned, and hanged because of a crime. Did she commit the crime?
Answer: No, she was framed. The woman was in a photo
Riddle: I have three arrows, but I don't have a bow. I am often blue, but always green. You give to me knowingly, and I return your gifts in secret. What am I?
Answer: A recycling bin.
Riddle: I am typically feared by both women and men. I often come for the old, but also for some young people who are very ill. Many will fight me in vain, and many others live in denial of me. Those who embrace me will lose their fear of me, but they will lose something of themselves in the process. What am I?
Answer: Baldness. (Note that 'death' doesn't fit the last clue. Those who embrace death lose ALL of themselves. Those who shave their head just lose something of themselves. Also, death ALWAYS comes for the old eventually, not just 'often'.)
Riddle: I cannot be possessed by one alone. Two may have me together, and a third might follow along. I go by many names, from the most beautiful to the most vile, but people often avoid speaking of me at all. What am I?
Answer: Sex.
Riddle: The more of me you put on, the more you can remove. I come in many forms, but I'm generally liquid up high and solid down below. If you avoid me, I won't care, but others will. What am I?
Answer: Soap.
Riddle: How you describe me is what I am. Poets might hate me, but sailors should love me. I can't give them the sea, but only something that sounds like it. What am I?
Answer: An orange. (Note: orange doesn't rhyme with anything, and it gives sailors vitamin C (a homophone of sea))
Riddle: I hang around all day and night keeping you safe. I might have only one arm, but it is very strong. Nevertheless, I can defend you and everything you care about without moving a muscle. What am I?
Answer: A padlock.
Riddle: Even if you don't love me, you probably like me a little bit. Your friends probably feel the same way about me, but I might still drive them away if we spend too much time together. I know I've made you cry, but I never meant to hurt you. Anyway, it should be me who cries. You know how thin-skinned I am. Who am I?
Answer: An onion.
Riddle: Sixteen players start the game. One player gets involved in every play but doesn't care who wins. Each team has seven players who stay loyal to their team, but despite their loyalty, they often leave before the game is over. The final player has no loyalty to either team, but is committed to the game and never leaves until the end. What game is it?
Answer: Pool (i.e. 8-ball billiards).