Riddle: A man is found dead at the end of an alley. A detective who enters the scene sees the letter X and immediately knows who killed the man and why. How did the detective know?
Answer: This was a bowling alley, and the man who died was a pin spotter. A player had a strike and was to bowl again, but he bowled too soon before the pin spotter was clear. The X is on the score sheet and this tells the detective the name of the bowler.
Riddle: Many years ago a boy and a girl are planning to run off and get married. But the boy got cold feet and needed to tell the girl. He wanted to send a telegram, but only had enough money for one word. What one word did he send?
Answer: Cantaloupe.
Riddle: A traveling circuit judge and a local constable had friendly discussions about how to handle misbehavior in their city. This involves burglars, robbers, cattle rustlers, drunks, and ladies of the night. The options they discussed were to put them in jail, run them out of town, warn them, or try to rehabilitate them with books, music, and art. Since the circuit judge traveled, much of this correspondence have to be by telegraph. One day the constable apprehended a lady of the night and telegraphed the circuit judge asking what to do. He described her as being young and having just taken the wrong path. The circuit judge wanted to respond to the constable. But when he got to the telegraph office realized he had only enough money to send one word. What one word did he send?
Answer: Horticulture.
Riddle: Joan is both a collector and a trader. She has spent most of her adult life collecting and trading tiny, green keys. Joan, along with millions of Americans living today, love to see how many of these little keys they can gather; but they also like to trade them away for a wide variety of items including food, toys, furniture, services, boats, and even houses. Some people have even committed murder to possess these keys! Joan usually carries a supply of these little, green keys with her in her purse in case of emergency. Joan feels certain these keys will never rust, but she always tries to keep them as dry as possible. What exactly are these little green keys, and why do people seek them with such passion?
Answer: On the front side of each bill of paper money, a green seal is seen. Near the bottom of the green seal, a tiny green key is always found. Thus, whenever people spend, receive, or steal money, they are also exchanging these little green keys. Take some time to study your money more closely, and you will find a small weighing scale pictured in the same green seal just above the little green key. There are other interesting things to find on your money. A magnifying glass may be helpful in this endeavor.
Riddle: You can't get rid of me. I'm a man-made catastrophe. I'm a silent killer, every day I grow bigger, I cost dollars and dollars, figures and figures. I'm in the water you drink, floating in the ocean I don't sink. I trap one, I trap two, how many can be saved by you? I'm the world's biggest problem, quick better solve me. What am I?
Answer: Plastic.
Riddle: I drive people crazy, but I'm not for the lazy. Young teenagers crave me, at first I’m amazing. I'll have your heart racing, I may make you take off the safety. I'll cause suicides, and lullabies. From sunrise to compromise. To having to settle, some I'll test your mettle. Some will never know me, some will wish they never knew me. What am I?
Answer: Love.
Riddle: With time I'm gonna flicker, only growing bigger. I'm handy during a test and do well with some rest. Sometimes I'll vanish without a trace, something's out of place. I come back with taste, I come back with smell. I'll give some of you hell, wishing I'd disappear and you go back in your shell. I can be tricked, I'm with you all, the poor and the rich. What am I?
Answer: Memory.
Riddle: Compact creatures consistently caught, A waif woeful widow woven. A translucent template tense and taut, Can civilized calmly cause cloven. What am I?
Answer: A spider's web.
Riddle: I am best greeted like an old friend. Starting with the beginning of the middle of the middle and end of the end. You can pretend, you can hide and run from me, my friend. But I am coming for all, the big and the small. The large and the tall, I can start with a trip or a fall. I make grown men tremble upon hearing my call. What am I?
Answer: Death.
Riddle: Hey baseball fans, here’s an unusual game. See if you can figure out how this combination of events happened. A regular nine-inning baseball game ended with a score of two to nothing. During the game, there was one home run, a double, and 10 singles. During all these three events there was only one out. There were two walks. There were no double or triple plays. At the end of each team’s at-bat, there was no man left on base. There were no stolen bases, or pickoffs, and nobody was caught stealing. There were no errors of any type. How could this be?
Answer: It was a woman’s baseball game.