Sleep Riddles - Riddles about Sleeping

Funny Sleep riddles from the original Riddles website. These are the best sleep riddles, jokes, and brain teasers for kids and adults. Entertain your classmates or share with your family.

1. Riddle: I have a heart that never beats, I have a home but I never sleep. I can take a man's house and build another, And I love to play games with my many brothers. I am a king among fools. Who am I?
Answer: The King of Hearts in a deck of cards.

Riddle: I have a heart that never beats, I have a home but I never sleep. I can take a mans house and build anothers, And I love to play games with my many brothers. I am a king among fools. Who am I? Answer: The King of Hearts in a deck of cards.

2. Riddle: What always runs but never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats?
Answer: A river.

3. Riddle: I am six letters. When you take one away I am twelve. What am I?
Answer: The word Dozens.

4. Riddle: What question can never be answered with a Yes?
Answer: Are you asleep?

5. Riddle: Why couldn't Goldilocks sleep?
Answer: Because of night-bears.

Riddle: Why couldn't Goldilocks sleep? Answer: Because of nightbears.

6. Riddle: Where do butterflies sleep?
Answer: On Caterpillows!

7. Riddle: How do you get a baby astronaut to sleep?
Answer: You rock-it!

8. Riddle: Where do bedtime books sleep?
Answer: Under their covers.

9. Riddle: Saws sing it, We snore it, Bees drone it; And one alone ends the alphabet. What is it?
Answer: Zzzzzzzz.

10. Riddle: Why does a dragon sleep all day?
Answer: So it can hunt knights!

Riddle: Why does a dragon sleep all day? Answer: So it can hunt knights!

11. Riddle: I do not breathe, but I run and jump. I do not eat, but I swim and stretch. I do not drink, but I sleep and stand. I do not think, but I grow and play. I do not see, but you see me every day. What am I?
Answer: I am a leg.

12. Riddle: What do you call a sleeping bull?
Answer: A bulldozer!

13. Riddle: I weaken all men for hours each day. I show you strange visions while you are away. I take you by night, by day take you back, None suffer to have me, but do from my lack. What am I?
Answer: Sleep.

14. Riddle: There is a man, with his horse he is going to a town. The man went to the town on Monday. He stayed there for 3 days and then he came back on Friday. How? His horse was not tired, he wasn't sleepy and took a rest.
Answer: The horse's name was Friday.

15. Riddle: Why did outlaws sleep on the ground after robbing a bank?
Answer: They wanted to lie low.

16. Riddle: You can feel me but, I can't feel you. I can uproot trees and tear roofs off their houses. Yet, I can make a Baby sleep and be gentle. I can howl and whisper. I can spread and stop fires. I can toss boats and help them glide too. What am I?
Answer: I am the wind.

17. Riddle: Why did Silly Billy tiptoe past the medicine cabinet?
Answer: He didn't want to wake up the sleeping pills.

18. Riddle: I sleep by day, I fly by night. I have no feathers to aid my flight. What am I?
Answer: I am a Bat.

19. Riddle: You can have me almost every night, sometimes I could be bad sometimes I can be nice or good, Whether you were a child or an adult I'll be there. What am I?
Answer: Dreams between (Sweet dreams, Nightmare).

20. Riddle: What do you call a sleeping cow?
Answer: A bull-dozer.

21. Riddle: At the sound of me, men may dream, Or stamp their feet. At the sound of me, women may laugh, Or sometimes weep. What am I?
Answer: I am Music!

22. Riddle: During what month do people sleep the least?
Answer: February. Because it's the shortest month of the year.

23. Riddle: I have 16 legs then, I sleep for about a fortnight and a merge with 6 legs. What am I?
Answer: A Butterfly

24. Riddle: Where do rivers sleep?
Answer: In river beds.

25. Riddle: A man moved into a new house and decided he was tired after the journey and turned off all the lights and went to bed. The next morning he had killed 365 people how could this be? he does not sleep walk he slept like a baby
Answer: he lived in a lighthouse

26. Riddle: What do you call a spy who sleeps with a blanket over his head?
Answer: An undercover agent.

27. Riddle: ln your dream, Voldemort is chasing you. "Avada Kedavra!" he cries. The light is two feet away from you. How do you get away?
Answer: Wake up.

28. Riddle: I can make you smile and frown. Make you laugh, and even make you cry. I can cause crashes, also you use me every day. I can make you dance. Some use me to go to sleep. What am I?
Answer: Your smartphone!

29. Riddle: Where do daydreamers spend most of their time?

30. Riddle: I'm far away from you, but I still shine bright. I sleep at day, I wake up by night. I stay by the moon but never get close to it. What am I?
Answer: A star.

31. Riddle: There are 8 brothers. Brother 1 is playing checkers. Brother 2 is eating. Brother 3 is watching video games. Brother 4 is dancing. Brother 5 is texting. Brother 6 is at school. Brother 7 is sleeping. What is Brother 8 doing?
Answer: Brother 8 is playing checkers with Brother 1 because checkers includes two people to play.

32. Riddle: When you have me not, you want me. But when you have me, you do not know. What am I?
Answer: Sleep.

33. Riddle: I take you by night, by day take you back. None suffer to have me but do from my lack. What am I?
Answer: Sleep

34. Riddle: You see me at night, by day you tell everyone about me. I come back looking different than before. I sometimes leave you in the darkness. What am I?
Answer: A dream.

35. Riddle: Where do books sleep?
Answer: Between their covers.

36. Riddle: I fly without feathers; Sleep when you're awake; I'm not a mosquito and neither a needle, But blood I'm known to take. What am I?
Answer: Bat

37. Riddle: John was very tired after a long day of work. He went to bed at 10 p.m., wound his alarm clock, and set it for noon the next day. Since John fell asleep almost immediately, how many hours of sleep did he get before the alarm woke him?
Answer: Two hours. Wind-up clocks can't be set more than 12 hours in advance.

38. Riddle: What does CLASS stand for?
Answer: Come Late And Start Sleeping.

39. Riddle: I watch you sleep, I haunt you by day. You stare at me and saw nothing, but darkness. What am I?
Answer: Fear.

40. Riddle: What is 8 when 8 is sleeping?
Answer: Infinity.

41. Riddle: Where do jellyfish sleep?
Answer: In tent-acles.

42. Riddle: I make the leaves green, I make the dirt brown, I make the bluebirds blue, I make all of your dreams come true. What am I?
Answer: A box of crayons.

43. Riddle: Allan survived 12 days without sleep. How is this possible?
Answer: He sleeps during the night.

44. Riddle: My call, I pray, at dawn of day, Shall rest you from your slumber, With job all done, my song all sung, I'll sit on a seat of lumber. What am I?
Answer: A Rooster.

45. Riddle: The man had not slept in days, yet he was well-rested. How could this be?
Answer: He only sleeps at nights (he had not slept in DAYS)

46. Riddle: I am you when not asleep; And where the sad come to weep. What am I?
Answer: Awake.

47. Riddle: I am a fruit, but I am not eaten. I live in a busy place. I never sleep. What am I?
Answer: The Big Apple!

48. Riddle: What do you call a boring dinosaur?
Answer: A dino-snore!

49. Riddle: Larry is dead the window is open. There is a glass and water on the floor,and Mary is sleeping. What happened?
Answer: Larry is a fish. the breeze from the window knocked over his fishbowl it broke and he died from no water.

50. Riddle: Why couldn't Dracula's wife go to sleep?
Answer: Because of his "coffin"!

51. Riddle: Formed long ago, yet made today, Employed while others sleep. What none would freely give away. Nor any wish to keep. What is it?
Answer: A bed.

52. Riddle: A horse jumps over a tower and the tower disappears. It's not an illusion or a dream. So where could this happen?
Answer: On a chessboard.

53. Riddle: A group of men is suddenly awakened by a loud, piercing, continuous sound. They all scramble out of their beds, get dressed, grab a pole, and disappear into a hole. What in the world are these men doing?
Answer: They are firemen who were sleeping in their fire station. When they heard the fire alarm, they quickly got dressed, slid down the fire pole, and got in the fire engine to head to the reported fire.

54. Riddle: From house to house he goes, A messenger small and slight. And whether it rains or snows, He sleeps outside at night. What am I?
Answer: A Street or Road.

55. Riddle: What do you call a bear which is fast asleep?
Answer: Bearly awake!

56. Riddle: In this place, people lie, people cry, and people ask why. In this place, people sleep, people weep, and people's solitude, they keep. What is it?
Answer: "Graveyard" or "Cemetery" - Reasoning: Both "people lie" and "people sleep" are indications of many people using this place to lie down, or to sleep, which in itself is an odd thought. Crying and weeping indicate that this is a sad place, and the continued use of "people" allows this to mean not just those who are lying down or sleeping, but those who come to visit them there, (i.e. mourners). People come to ask the person grave why they did what they did that resulted in their death, as a form of mourning, or to ask their chosen God or Gods why they took that person to their grave. And peoples solitude refers to people sleeping on their own, or the mourners usually coming the mourn privately.

57. Riddle: To have one-third you must give, without me not long you shall live! What am I?
Answer: Sleep.

58. Riddle: A mother has 6 daughters. The 1st one was watching television, The 2nd was sleeping, The 3rd was at school, The 4th was playing chess, The 5th was playing his phone, what was the 6th daughter doing?
Answer: Playing chess with the 4th daughter!

59. Riddle: If a hen and a half lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how many eggs will half a dozen hens lay in half a dozen days?
Answer: Two dozen. If you increase both the number of hens and the amount of time available four-fold, the number of eggs increases 16 times. 16 x 1.5 = 24.

60. Riddle: What do you call a guy who sleeps with his pet tiger?
Answer: Claude.

61. Riddle: I am the creature that robs men of their dignity, pride, and will. I feast on children's dreams till' they have none. I am the monster in your head, waiting to strike. What am I?
Answer: I am fear, SO FEAR ME!

62. Riddle: Endlessly, I hunger, Lazily, I sleep. Murderous, I thunder, Desires, I do seek. Hoarding countless treasures, so my stature I retain, Envious of others whose feet on Earth remain. What am I?
Answer: "The Seven Deadly Sins" - Reasoning: Each sentence structure portrays one of the seven deadly sins from Christian theology, with the exception of the final 5 words. In order according to the riddle, these are; gluttony, sloth, wrath, lust, greed, pride and envy. The final 5 words, "whose feet on Earth remain", act in conjunction with the section on envy, demonstrating the perspective of a sinner in hell, who is envious of those still alive, and thus can still repent for their sins in order to enter Heaven.

63. Riddle: Did you hear about the soldier who bought a camouflage sleeping bag?
Answer: He can't find it

64. Riddle: A person gets up 180 times every night and sleeps for at least 7 hours at a time. Where does the person live?
Answer: At the North or South Pole.

65. Riddle: Dreaming of apples on a wall. And dreaming often, dear. I dreamed that, if I counted all, How many would appear? How many?
Answer: And dreaming of ten, dear.

66. Riddle: Not born, but from a Mother's body drawn, I hang until half of me is gone. I sleep in a cave until I grow old, then valued for my hardened gold. What am I?
Answer: Cheese.

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