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Riddle: Thursday, Nick and Rick went to a restaurant for dinner. The bill came out to $27. Nick and Rick each paid $9…but then, who paid the remaining $9?
Answer: The guys' friend, Thursday, paid the remaining $9. This riddle wouldn't make any sense if I said, "On Thursday, Nick and Rick…" anyway.
Riddle: What letter comes next? A, B, C, D, _
Answer: It's not E; it's F, because if you put it on the line without removing the line, THEN you'll get an E.
Riddle: Ella and Mason went camping one day, but both of them got themselves in danger. Ella was bitten by a rattlesnake, and she tried to suck out the venom. Mason came face to face with a black widow spider, and he tried to attack it. Who was in more danger?
Answer: Black widow spiders rarely bite, and their bites are rarely fatal, but it's never a good idea to suck out snake venom. Therefore, Ella was in more danger.
Riddle: There are 11 candles in front of you, all of them with burning wicks. Your friend blows out six of these wicks. How many candles will remain?
Answer: The six candles that had their wicks blown out will remain. After all, one, the other five candles will eventually burn down, and two, I asked you how many candles will remain, NOT, how many flames will remain.
Riddle: I am a famous Phil; a well-known T.V. star, but my last name is not Donahue or Silvers, and I am not a talk-show doctor. I usually appear on television only once each year, and when I do, I am always wearing a winter coat. I am not associated with music, so my last name isn’t Wickham, or Keaggy, or Collins. I hail from the state of Pennsylvania, but my last name is not Adelphia, and I have never played pro baseball there. I am definitely not a member of the Anderer, Ippines, Odendron, Anthropy, Osophy, or Harmonic families, and I have no heritage in the Istine clan mentioned in the Bible. Finally, I was never a veteran of any war, but I am well known for my activities as a member of the underground movement. Now comes the time to use your skill —— Reveal the name of this famous Phil !!!
Answer: Punxsutawney Phil, the famous weather-predicting groundhog, who appears on T.V. every February.
Riddle: How are a fly and a mosquito different?
Answer: A mosquito can fly, but a fly cannot mosquito.
Riddle: Jade works at a luxury store in the city. One day, a woman came up to her and decided to purchase a $1,000 purse. This customer gave Jade two bills and didn't even need change, but Jade refused to sell the item to the woman and called the police. Why?
Answer: The purse costs $1,000, but the woman gave Jade only two bills and didn't need any change. This means that the two bills were worth $500 each, and those bills don't exist.
Riddle: If John has 60 chocolates and he eats two-thirds of them, what does he have now?
Answer: John has diabetes! The question was, "What does he have now?", NOT, "How many chocolates does he have now?".
Riddle: Yvonne and Diane are two friends going out on a camping trip. Here are some of the things they plan to take with them: chair, lamp, rice, game, tent. Can you guess which item the girls should leave at home?
Answer: Yvonne and Diane should leave the chair at home. "Lamp", "Rice", "Game", and "Tent" all have four letters, while "Chair" has five letters.
Riddle: Robert and Emma are a couple living together. Robert is rich, while Emma is broke. One day, Robert places a $50 bill on the table in their living room and leaves to go to the bathroom. Emma sees the bill and takes it for herself. When Robert comes back, he doesn't see the $50 bill; he asks Emma what happened. The woman said that a gust of wind had blown into the room and the bill flew out of the window. Robert didn't believe Emma and asked her to give him the money back. Why?
Answer: If a gust of wind flies into a room, nothing can possibly fly out of the window. The $50 bill would have just flown from the table to the floor, not the other way around.

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