A young girl, Violet by name, was visiting with a group of her schoolmates at a friend’s house. The air was filled with the noise of loud conversations, when an older woman called out for silence. She then asked one of the girls in attendance to remove something from a black bag she was holding. The older woman then announced, “Violet, you have the honor of being first!” Violet was then ushered to the center of the room where the older woman pushed a body part of an animal into Violet’s hand. Suddenly, everything went dark for the young girl. Violet began to feel dizzy, and felt someone’s hands on her. She then felt a slight push. As Violet staggered forward in the darkness, the loud chanting and shouting increased around her. Finally, Violet’s hand bumped into something which, when the darkness was gone, gave her a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. Was this scenario part of some bizarre, warped initiation into some strange cult, or is there a more pleasant explanation for these events.


Violet was at a birthday party, and was selected to be first in the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game they were playing. She was successful in pinning the tail just where it belonged. The body part of the animal was, of course, the donkey’s tail.

Strange Initiation Riddle Meme.
Strange Initiation Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.