A man decided to go for a walk. He made numerous stops during his stroll, hoping to hear some good news each time he stopped. Despite his usual excellent sense of direction, he realized he had been walking in circles. He was certain of this, as he noticed his favorite number 8 kept reappearing before his eyes. After continuing his walk for a long time, he finally received the good news he had been hoping for; and he then returned home, a little poorer than when he had started, but glad to be leaving with the sweet love of his life. What was going on in this bizarre-sounding narrative, and who/what was the sweet love of his life which was mentioned?


The man gave a monetary donation to participate in a cake walk. Eventually, his number was called for the space he was standing on, and he went home with the dessert he truly loved ———— a beautiful cake!

Worth the Walk Riddle Meme.
Worth the Walk Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.