Near a castle without a moat, a well-known queen was captured and held hostage by a dark and powerful enemy force. Several of her loyal servants tried to break through enemy lines to free her, but most of them were eliminated during battle. However, one of her servants was able to break through the enemy’s defenses to free the queen—at the cost of his own life; but he knew he could never go back once he had started. Can anyone identify this well-known queen and the lowly servant who performed the greatest sacrifice to save her?


The queen was the white queen, and the servant who was sacrificed was a white pawn who had reached the back row of the black chess pieces—and was subsequently promoted/exchanged for the captured white queen.

A Tale of True Loyalty and Sacrifice Riddle Meme.
A Tale of True Loyalty and Sacrifice Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.