Once every year a farmer walks about on his farm property, picks out his favorite tree, and chops it down with an axe. He then drags the tree home and puts it in a metal bowl. The farmer then spends time lovingly caring for the tree by watering it every day and providing it with the best plant food money can buy to keep it as healthy as possible. Two weeks later he throws the tree outside, sets it on fire, and burns it to a crisp. How can you explain this apparent drastic change in the farmer's mood toward this tree?


The man owns a Christmas tree farm where he grows thousands of Christmas trees for sale to the public. He is simply performing his annual Christmas ritual of selecting a tree, placing it in a tree stand, keeping it healthy for two weeks, and then disposing of it.

Split Personality? Riddle Meme.
Split Personality? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.