Death Loses To Child

Author: Jack Peppas

Riddle: In a house, there lives a family of 4. There is a father, a mother, an older sister, and a younger sister. One day, the father catches a disease. A week later, Death comes to take the father's soul. The mother begs for 5 more years with her husband, and Death agrees. 5 years later, Death comes back. The older sister begs for 3 more years with her father, and Death agrees. 3 years later, Death comes back. The father, mother, and older sister turn to the younger sister for help, and she is holding a candle with a flame on the end of the wick. The younger sister says, "I have a deal to make, Death. My father will live until this candle burns out." And Death agrees. However, Death never returns. Why not?
Answer: The younger sister blew out the candle, so it didn't technically burn out. Then she threw away the candle so the family wouldn't mistakenly light it.
Death Loses to Child Riddle Meme.