Blind Driver

Author: laheila

Riddle: You and Hector are in the car. You are in the passenger seat while Hector is driving. Hector is very good at driving. He closes his eyes to scare you as he is driving.You look at him and see his eyes closed. Your heart starts pounding because there is something in the road and Hector has to swerve out of the way, but with his eyes closed he can't see it, yet he still swerved out of the way and kept driving perfectly. Along with his eyes being closed the whole time, you were also silent the whole time. How is that possible that he knew something was in the way with his eyes closed?
Answer: Since you are in the passenger seat, when you look at Hector all you see is the right side of his face, only his right eye. He had his right eye closed and his left eye opened. You just could't see it.
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