A Conundrum Of Perception

Author: Ben Thomas Cowburn

Riddle: I can provide a blessing, a curse, or clarity. I am always running, but I am stuck in a loop. And though I will rule you for most of your life, you will always look up to me. What am I?
Answer: "A Clock" - Reasoning: Seeing the time on a clock can bring you relief, (e.g. your work shift nearly being over), a curse, (e.g. how long you still have left of a work shift), or simple clarification of what time it is. A clock is always running but always returns to where it began, to repeat. Thus, it is stuck in a loop. And as punching at work, appointments, taking to children to daycare, watching a film at the cinema, et cetera, all require you to be at a place at a certain time, time, which you read on a clock, does rule your life. The only exception is when you do not have a schedule to keep. And traditionally, clocks are usually placed on a wall, above eye level, so many people can look at it to see the time
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