A Misleading Face

Author: Ben Thomas Cowburn

Riddle: I have one eye but cannot see. No teeth, and yet I bite. My voice can whisper softly or can keep you up all night. P.S. This riddle is meant to be heard, not read. As such, please read it aloud and figure it out from there, to grasp the answer. What am I?
Answer: "Wind" - Reasoning: "Eye" sounds like "i", and the fact that the answer "cannot see" hints that this is the case. Wind, especially high wind, can feel biting, and in literature, the wind is often said to bring a "biting cold", or similar. The voice of the wind is depicted as being quiet or loud, depending on how strong the wind is. Loud winds are often associated with keeping people up during the night.
A Misleading Face Riddle Meme.