Wow! How Convenient!

Author: Caleb Choi

Riddle: The word I think of is 5 letters long, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. This word is a source of good, one letter is gone and it's created from burning wood. Take another one away and you and I have a relation, take 1 out and you have a destination. And the last letter is a type of drink. Do you have the answer, do you think?
Answer: Wheat. Marvelous Wheat. Wheat, heat, eat, at, t. How convenient. As for a good, wheat is a good. Heat is created from burning wood. A relation both you and I have is well, we both have to eat. At, is a destination. And T or Tea is a drink. If you guessed right, pat yourself on the back, if you didn't, keep trying I have faith in you!
Wow! How convenient! Riddle Meme.