Who Stole The Gold Chain?

Author: Soda Saavedra


There was a Japanese ship sailing towards the north. The captain was heading to his quarters to take a nap but, before he slep he placed his priced gold chain in the tale. When he woke up the Chain was gone. He called three (3) suspects; The Boatswain who said “I did not steal it I was checking the supplies when it happened.”, the sailing master who said “I did not steal it I was fixing the flag it was upside down.” and one of his mates who said “I did not steal it I was mopping the decks. ”After that the captain immediately knew who was the thief. So the question is who is the thief?


The sailing master it stated that they were sailing in a Japanese ship meaning the flag would look the same even if it was upside down.

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Who Stole The Gold Chain? Riddle Meme.
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