The Need For Speed

Author: Phil Jones

Riddle: Bruno, a former race car driver, decided to switch professions when he became 30 years old. One day, on his new job, he suddenly felt compelled to speed up his car to over 90 miles per hour on the highway. As he glanced at his rearview mirror, he saw two police cars with their lights flashing and sirens wailing, coming up behind him; but Bruno appeared unphased by this, and he increased his speed to over 100 m.p.h. The two police cars remained in hot pursuit when suddenly, Bruno heard a loud bang and realized he had blown a tire. He was very fortunate to be able to pull safely over to the side of the road. Bruno laid his head down on his steering wheel as the two police cars reached his location --- and then went whizzing past him down the highway. All Bruno could say was, "I hope they don't get away." Why didn’t the two police cars stop to arrest Bruno for speeding and running from the law, and what is Bruno's new profession?
Answer: Bruno's new profession as he had become a police officer. He was in his police cruiser when he spotted a car that matched the description of one used by a couple of men who had just committed a robbery, and he began his high-speed pursuit. Two other police cars joined in the pursuit until Bruno’s car had a flat tire.
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