Riddle: It's a little-known fact that one of Batman's deadliest enemies, The Riddler, got married after his days of crime were behind him. The Riddler's wife enjoyed riddles even more than her husband, and she often tried to baffle him with riddles around the house. One day his wife, whose name was Riddlina, saw an opportunity to try to stump her husband with an old riddle she had first heard as a child. "My husband!" Riddlina exclaimed, "We have an extreme emergency! I just discovered we don’t have even one circle with a thousand squares left in the entire house!" The Riddler was shocked, at first, until he figured out what was distressing his wife. Do you know to what object Riddlina was referring to, which caused her emotional outburst? Incidentally, as soon as the Riddler solved his wife's riddle, he immediately got into his car and drove to a local store. What was he planning to get?
Answer: The old riddle his wife used (a circle with a thousand squares) to indicate an emergency item that was missing from their house, was a roll of toilet paper. Needless to say, the Riddler immediately went out to purchase some.
Riddle Me This, O Riddler! Riddle Meme.