Five teenage friends, Kolten, Hailey, Thomas, Mary, and Danielle, were coming home from a party together. Kolten was driving. At a traffic light, a person ran the red light and hit Kolten's car. The five teens were all rushed to the hospital. A week later people were allowed to visit the teens. Kolten's mom said, "One of the teenagers is now paralyzed." Hailey's dad said, "At least my daughter can walk." Thomas's older brother, John, said, "One of the teens has a broken arm." Mary's stepsister, Ashley, said, "It's not my stepsister that's paralyzed." Mary's grandmother said, "One of the teens has a broken leg." Danielle's boyfriend, Bradley, said, "One of the girls is paralyzed. "Thomas's friend, Mike, said, "Thomas, can stand on both legs." Kolten's cousin, Sarah, said, "One of the teens has a concussion." Hailey's uncle, Bob, said, "Either Kolten, Mary, or Danielle has a broken leg." Thomas's aunt, Susan, said, "One of the boys flew out of the car window and got multiple cuts on his left arm. The cuts got infected and his arm had to be amputated." Danielle's dad said, "The boy who has an amputated left arm used to be a lefty. Now he has to learn to be a righty." Kolten's mom said, "Kolten and Danielle are lefties. The other three are righties." Hailey's cousin, steven, said, "One girl and one boy has a cast." Danielle's grandfather said, "Whoever has a broken leg has to use crutches." Who has what injury?


Hailey has a concussion, Danielle is paralyzed, Thomas has a broken arm, Mary has a broken leg, and Kolten has an amputated left arm.

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