A famous magician and his daughter were seated inside a well-known establishment, along with a group of five other customers who were all waiting for service. The magician suddenly turned to his daughter, and told her to look through the window to her right where a bright blue car was parked. In majestic fashion, the magician then swept his arm toward the car and said, "Behold! I command you to rise!", and the car slowly began to rise to a height of one…two…three…, and finally stopped, suspended in mid-air, at a height of four feet! However, no one in the room appeared to be surprised or amazed by the magician’s actions, and the magician's daughter was heard to say, "Daddy, you’re a big ham." Why was no one in awe of the magician's abilities?


The magician and his daughter were waiting in a local Firestone vehicle repair shop to have their car repaired. The magician noticed that a technician was about to raise a blue car on a hydronic lift to repair it, so he tried to take credit for the levitation. Needless to say, neither the other customers or his daughter were impressed.

The Magician Returns Riddle Meme.
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