Riddle: Many years ago, a group of friends and I were hiking through a dense forest near my home, when one of the group stopped and made a suggestion to everyone. Just as the last words left his mouth, we all scattered, and for the very first time, I saw It! It was bigger than most of us, and It was fast -- too fast for my friends, unfortunately. As I ran to try to hide from It, I heard the screams of my comrads behind me. It quickly closed in on them, eventually rendering each of them motionless, and helpless -- and at Its mercy! As I was hiding myself from It, I saw It grab and totally immobilize three more of my closest friends. It was relentless in Its pursuit. My heart raced within my chest as It approached my hiding place. I realized I was the last survivor, but was overmatched by Its speed and power. As It grabbed me, It growled three words at me!!! What were those three words?
Answer: The three words were, “Tag, you’re It!” We stopped on our hike to play a game of Freeze Tag, and since I was the last one caught, my turn to be It was due.
A True-Life Horror Story Riddle Meme.