I believe my brother Sam may secretly be an actual mad scientist! In his home, he keeps several odd animals confined behind heavy, glass walls -- walls designed to never allow these creatures to escape! The most grotesque thing about these beasts is the fact that they have no stomachs -- that’s right -- no stomachs!! And yet, he feels compelled to feed them every day-- so they will grow! Sam appears to have no fear of these beasts, but should they ever find a way to gain their freedom from their glass prison, things would get very, very messy! Is Sam in danger from these creatures? Should the authorities be contacted to stop Sam from feeding these stomach-less creatures and helping them to outgrow their restraining enclosure? Just what exactly are these beasts without stomachs, and could they be a danger to society?


My brother Sam has an aquarium in his home where he keeps several Koi fish. Koi fish have no stomachs, and are known to grow quite large.

My Brother —The Mad Scientist!!! Riddle Meme.
My Brother —The Mad Scientist!!! Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.