Riddle: Maggie and four of her gang members (A.K.A. the Maulers) cross paths with Big Bertha and four of her minions (A.K.A. The Bombers), and a major conflict ensues. Both gangs find themselves in a real jam, and neither side dare back out and risk losing face at this point. Suddenly, one of Maggie's own gang grabs Maggie by the arm and throws her forward with all of her strength, but Maggie does not feel betrayed, in fact, she is grateful. She does not run but moves ahead with great speed in an effort to sneak up on the opposing gang from behind. Unfortunately, Big Bertha is just behind Maggie, having planned the exact same strategy. Bertha then suddenly bashes Maggie in the thigh with a lowered shoulder, knocking Maggie off her feet, sending her sprawling. Big Bertha and her gang proceed to lay a major beating on Maggie's entire gang. Over 100 people witnessed this confrontation, but not one of them tried to intervene, or at least call the police. How calloused can people be; or is there some less harmful explanation for these events?
Answer: The Maulers and the Bombers are two women’s teams competing against one another in the game of Roller Derby, in front of a bunch of spectators.
If You’re Ever in a Jam... Riddle Meme.